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About Mar-farma

The company was founded in 1994 with the name of “Wassen Italia” and, in 2004, the name has been changed to Mar-Farma s.r.l.

Mar-Farma produces and sells these kind of products:
Food supplements
• Medical Devices
• Cosmetics

This happens under two registered trademark:
• Mar-Farma Milano
• Mar-Farma Pediatric

Who is Mar-Farma

Mar-Farma has been working for 25 years in the research and development of Food Supplements, Medical Devices and Cosmetics, with a particular reference to the well-being of women and children.

The study and formulation of MAR-FARMA products is developed entirely in the company, as well as the graphic design and packaging, while the realization is entrusted to sub-contractors, operating according to the principles of good manufacturing (GMP), both in Italy and in Europe.

Mar-Farma operates exclusively with its own proprietary formulations and trademarks.

The company is structured in 3 divisions headed by 2 Business Units:

vendita integratori alimentari


To create safe and effective solutions for the maintenance of the health of men, women and children by designing innovative formulas on a natural basis and developed through leading contractors working in GMP.


We believe that our twenty-five-year experience in the field of information to the medical class can be developed through new technologies and new models of communication and that the new generations can continue to provide adequate answers to the demand for well-being.

vendita integratori alimentari
vendita integratori alimentari

Our Logistic

Our logistics in outsourcing manages integrally the distributive chain, from the order to the delivery.

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