MAR-FARMA manufactures its products also for the foreign market by updating, when needed, the product formulations to the laws of different countries. Each product has its own Product Dossier which contains all technical characteristics of the product suitable to be launched on the market.

Please see below herewith MAR-FARMA products’ technical sheets in English:

Argin Up - more energy - more vigor
Axol - internal / external haemorrhoids - proctitis
Axol - internal / external haemorrhoids - proctitis
Cal Plus 1000
Cal Safe - health and wellness of your bones
Climil-Complex - menopausal symptoms
Climil-gel - symptoms and complications related with vaginaldryness
Climil-Patch - the sole transdermal patch
Clivon Intime - integrity of the vaginal microflora
Clivon Cist - episodic acute cystitis and recurring cystitis
Clivon Cream - to protect itching, burning, irritation, fungal infection, vulvo-vaginalpain
Clivon Gel - to prevent all symptoms and complications related with vaginaldryness
Clivon Tab - to restore the altered vaginal ecosystem
Eufol Plus - to improve the levels of haemoglobin in the blood
Epi Safe Derma - against redness, congestions and inflammations of babies’ perianal area
Ferro Safe Plus - in case of iron deficiency
Ginil Intime - needed by women subject to recurrent vulvo vaginitis
Ginil Cream - to inhibit the formation of melanin
Immuvis - to enhance the body immune system
Influ-zinc Winter - more zinc less cold
Influ-zinc Oral Spray - the oral cavity protection in case of cold and flu symptoms
Influ-Zinc Throat - more zinc less sore throat
Lacto Ginil - to restore the integrity of the vaginal ecosystem
Magen 700 - the anti-fatigue
Marvit C Plus - mainly in presence of winter diseases
Marvit Energy - to compensate the imbalances of body salts concentration in case of excessive perspiration
Marvit MultiPlus - for the well-being of active people
Marvit Snell - a combined slimming and detoxifying action
Marvit SuperMag - the correct daily supplementation of magnesium
Marvit Donna - in presence of women minerals and vitamins deficiency
Naturalax - to regulate the intestinal transit to promote the digestive functions
Neo Mommy Safe - useful for new mommy’s nipples
Natur Sonno - for a physiological sleep
Olimag - the right dose of magnesium
Papil Off
Pectiflor - prebiotic + probiotic
Selevis - the essential anti-oxidant for men and women
Sonno Safe - for a natural sleep in children
Spm ok - to counteract the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
Supersleep - no side effects
Super Tonic - in case of asthenia and lack of appetite in children
Urosel - in case of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) prostatitis