Magen 700

Magen 700


Magen 700 is a food supplement neuromuscular tiredness, Cramps in athletes, Heavy perspiration.

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It acts as a modulator of the electrical activity of the muscles and participates in the transmission of the nerve impulses. The right availability of Magnesium increases the fatigue resistance and decreases the onset of muscle cramps.

It participates in important cellular functions such as contraction of the muscle fibers, transmission of electrical impulses. Hydro-saline adjusting, acid-basic balance. Leakage of water can cause a hull of this mineral with consequent appearance of fatigue, weakness, muscles aches.

It has anti-oxidant and anti-catabolic properties. It stabilizes the cellular membranes and regulates their ionic fluxes. It also acts on the energetic metabolism.

How to use

1 effervescent tablet dissolved in a glass of water once a day, when necessary.


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