Water retention and overweight

Water retention is a phenomenon that occurs when fluids are not properly removed from tissues.

When the problem concerns the whole organism, it is called generalized water retention, but more often, water retention leads to the accumulation of fluids only in localized areas of the organism.

The consequences are swelling possibly associated with pain, joint stiffness and a rapid increase or fluctuations in weight.

All the nutritional exchanges of the cells of the organism take place in the matrix, that is in that liquid part in which the cells are immersed, from which they receive the nutrients and where they pour their catabolites (waste).

Normally the matrix is fluid and circulates freely in the body but if the catabolites increase the matrix tends to gelify and may accumulate in some districts (such as the legs).

Possible causes of water retention include heat, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, contraceptive pill intake, nutritional deficiencies, certain medications (such as those against high blood pressure), chronic venous insufficiency, burns or the fact of standing too long.

Taking products that stimulate renal filtration does not always help to solve the problem because the blocked lymph does not reach the kidneys.

It is necessary to think of a complete approach that starts from a correct diet and a healthy lifestyle and integrates principles that can help to fluidize the matrix as well as to stimulate the elimination, such as apple vinegar.

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