This is when the activity of the ovaries ceases and consequently the production of estrogen hormones drastically decreases. Menstruation stops and the woman is no longer fertile.

In addition to the most obvious psychophysical symptoms affecting the quality of life of women, consideration should also be given to the risks of hormonal deficiency in the medium and long term and the complications induced on other organs and functions.

Short-term symptoms: flushing, sweating, sleep disorders, depression, joint pain.

Medium-term symptoms: vaginitis, losses, sexual dysfunction.

Long-term complications: osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system diseases.

As with all drug therapies, the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy (TOS) must be balanced with the risks in relation to the duration of the therapy (stroke, thrombosis, breast cancer).

Food supplements are a valid alternative to TOS because they are effective and risk-free.

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