The prostate is a gland of the urogenital apparatus suitable for the production of the prostatic secretion, a fluid that during ejaculation, in the urethra, mixes with the sperm coming from the testicles to give origin to the seminal fluid.

Acute and chronic prostatitis is an inflammatory prostate disease that manifests itself with difficulty in urination, burning, hyperpyrexia and/or perineal discomfort or pain.

We distinguish between:

  • Acute bacterial prostatitis: due to a bacterial infection in the urinary tract that gets to involve the gland
  • Chronic bacterial prostatitis: due to a bacterial proliferation at the level of the prostate, which may also involve seminal vesicles, vas deferens, epididymis and testicles.
  • Chronic prostatitis abacteria
  • Asymptomatic prostatitis: as indicated by the name, does not present symptoms that the patient is able to report, its presence in fact does not accompany pain or discomfort, resulting in delay in diagnosis.
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