Slim Plus

Slim Plus

Depurative slimming reduces the absorption of fats


It is an extract fermented from apples of ecological cultivations that preserves in itself all the healthy elements of the apple.
It contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements of healthy and ripe apple and useful enzymes.
Thanks to the fermentation, these elements are available in a rapidly assimilable form and make it a remineralazing product and invigorating,
with undoubted purifying properties.

It is a dietary fiber derived from the dandelion.
It is not metabolized by the body and therefore does not bring calories. Regulates the absorption of sugars and fats in the intestine, limiting the caloric intake.
Thanks to its composition it favors and consequently optimally regulates the functions of the intestine.


How to use

One tablet, twice a day at the main meals, at cycles monthly, dissolved in a glass of water.


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