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Clivon Cist


Clivon Cist useful in the treatment of episodic acute cystitis and recurring cystitis.

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It is a simple sugar found in various fruits and vegetables. Once ingested, it is absorbed in the upper intestine and, after about 60 minutes, arrives unaltered in the urinary tract. Here it is able to interfere with the adhesion of many of the bacteria that cause cystitis, including Eschericia coli. In fact, D-mannose is able to bind to the fimbriae of bacteria (the structures that make adhesion possible), preventing their binding to the proteins present on the cells of the bladder mucosa. D-mannose is not metabolized by our body and can therefore also be taken by diabetic subjects

Making anti-adhesive the surface of the mucous membranes, the Cranberry helps to inhibits the adhesion of bacteria to the epithelial cells of the urinary canal. It is very useful to prevent the recurrent relapses.

It has essentially antiseptic properties thanks to its active ingredient, Hydroquinone, which inhibits adhesion to the urothelial walls of Escherichia coli, facilitating its elimination through urine. Furthermore, Hydroquinone has shown an excellent anti-inflammatory action in the presence of
infections caused by most of the E.coli and Streptococcus strains

They are used for their specific anti-inflammatory activity even in presence of relapsing inflammatory processes.

How to use

Episodic acute cystitis: 1 capsule twice a day away from meals, possibly with an empty bladder,for 7/10 days in addition to the drug therapy prescribed by a

Recurring cystitis: 1 capsule a day away from meals with empty bladder for 10 days to be taken cyclically every month for 3 months.


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