Neo Mommy Safe


Neo Mommy Safe


Neo Mommy Safe useful for new mommy’s nipples.

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NEO MOMMY SAFE™, thanks to its high content of Colostrum, helps to accelerate tissue healing process in presence of sensitive and painful nipples during breastfeeding. The presence of Sweet Almond Oil, Lanolin and Aloe gives the product moisturizing, soothing and protective properties. It is also useful in presence of cutaneous irritations to the breast.

Colostrum, Sweet Almond Oil, Lanolin Oil, Aloe vera.

PACKAGING: 30 ml in plastic laminate tube inserted in a fold box with leaflet

How to use

After washing your hands thoroughly, take a small quantity of cream on
your fingertips and apply the solution where needed with a gentle massage. Do not rinse. Apply twice a day when needed. Ask your doctor before use.


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